Meshaw Coronavirus Help Group

If you're laid low by coronavirus or need to self-isolate for any reason, and your neighbours, relatives or friends are unable to help you with essential shopping (food, medicine) then please contact either the Meshaw Parish Chairman or the Parish Clerk and we'll try to find somebody to help you out. Note that this service is only for essential items - we cannot place the health of our volunteers or others at risk by asking them to collect non-essential items.


At the moment there are many scams related to coronavirus (covid-19) - see the Neighbourhood Watch Page for details.



Contact details for shopping help


Parish Chairman Jeff Souch 01884 861505

Parish Clerk Sarah Vertigan 01884 860844


If you live in the village itself you can also contact :


Joy                       01769 550154
Liz & Tim               01769 550963

Debbie E                01769 550199
Roger C                 01769 550700
Zara                      01769 550431
Paul & Jacky H       01769 550116

Outside the village :


Andrew & Heather      01884 860094

Mary & Brendan         07941 941544

Sally M                      07910 243695

Andrew M                  07809 403165



On behalf of the Parish Chairman, the Help Group Coordinators and, I'm sure, all the residents of Meshaw, I'd like to thank the many people who have volunteered to shop for those who are unable to do so.


Brendan, Webmaster