What's happening in and around Meshaw


Cycling Tour of Britain 2018


The Tour of Britain organisers have obviously decided that Meshaw is an important place in the world of international cycling, so much so that they've routed stage 2 of this year's tour through our village! Watch out for them on Monday 3rd September, early afternoon probably (my current best guess is about 1:30 pm).


We'd like to arrange an event or two the week before, and on the day itself of course, so if you've any ideas let us know ...

Meshaw Marigolds

It has been suggested that the Meshaw Marigolds Ladies Group be restarted. If you are interested in this, please let the parish Chairman know of your interest either via email or telephone. If there is sufficient interest things will be taken forward.

What a shock!


Earthquake rocks Meshaw! Well, shakes it a little bit. I was indoors at the time and things on my desk shook and rattled. My partner was outside and neither felt nor heard anything. This was at about 2:30 PM, Saturday 17/2/2018.


The British Geological Survey report that the earthquake measured 4.4 on the Richter scale. It's the biggest in our area for over a hundred years. I hope nothing was damaged anywhere. Initial reports on the BBC suggest not.


If you felt it, let the webmaster know and I'll collate our experiences and report back.



It's a mystery


Does anyone know why this sign for Meshaw has been blanked out?  Do you suppose someone thinks Meshaw doesn't exist?


Forthcoming events


If you have any suggestions for a "village" event please do let us know!


Now we have our own projector we're hoping to organise another Quiz Night, possibly at The Retreat at Romansleigh Park. If you're interested let the parish Chairman know.