Meshaw Coronavirus Help Group

If you're laid low by coronavirus or need to self-isolate for any reason, and your neighbours, relatives or friends are unable to help you with essential shopping (food, medicine), then please try the shops listed below. They will deliver to Meshaw and will take orders over the 'phone. Please also consider joining the Meshaw food collective - see below for details.


If all those options fail, then contact either the Meshaw Parish Chairman or the Parish Clerk and we'll try to find somebody to help you out. Note that this service is only for essential items - we cannot place the health of our volunteers or others at risk by asking them to collect non-essential items.


At the moment there are many scams related to coronavirus (covid-19) - see the Neighbourhood Watch Page for details.


Contact details for shopping help :


Parish Chairman Jeff Souch 01884 861505

Parish Clerk Sarah Vertigan 01884 860844


If you live in the village itself you can also contact :


Joy & Angus           01769 550154
Liz & Tim               01769 550963

Debbie E                01769 550199
Roger C                 01769 550700
Zara                      01769 550431
Paul & Jacky H       01769 550116

Outside the village :


Andrew & Heather      01884 860094

Mary & Brendan         07941 941544

Sally M                      07910 243695

Andrew M                  07809 403165



On behalf of the Parish Chairman, the Help Group Coordinators and, I'm sure, all the residents of Meshaw, I'd like to thank the many people who have volunteered to shop for those who are unable to do so.


Brendan, Webmaster


Lockdown photgraphs


The Barnstaple Local Studies Centre is collecting photos taken during the lockdown for a future exhibition and archive. Please send your photos to: giving the date, time and place.


Please remember: do not make a special trip to take photographs, take them when you're on your daily walk or your trip for essential supplies.

Collective Shopping


Zara's collective shopping scheme is up and running (we took delivery today). See below for details.

Community Allotment


Celia has kindly offered the use of her field as a community allotment. Full details are here.

Food shops that will deliver to Meshaw


The list below of businesses and their contact details have been provided to us by various people. The webmaster, the officers of the Parish Meeting and members of the Meshaw Coronavirus Help Group do not necessarily endorse these businesses. We can offer no guarantees about the businesses and you should exercise normal discretion when dealing with them.


The Cheese Larder, 01769 572664 – they will also deliver fruit and veg ordered from Simmons, South Molton

Londis, Southside Stores – 01769 572677 – will take card payment with order, can deliver groceries, bread from Chanters, meat from Mays and fruit and veg

Mays Butchers – 01769 572368

Shapland and Searle Butchers – 01769 573411

East Burrow Farm, Worlington – beef and lamb boxes, stock low at the moment but expecting more in next couple of weeks, 07510 317525

Simmons, Fruit & Veg - only limited delivery here on a Friday but their store is open on Pathfields, next door to Mole Valley Farmers, for collections 01769 572205 or 01769 572860


Bray Valley Wines, Pathfields, South Molton, will also deliver, 01769 575946, order online or over phone, collect or delivery


Eggs - if you need them, Sally Meikle sells them from the top of her lane. And Celia sells them in the square.


Vegetables - if you need vegetable seeds or seedlings, then Jenny at Ash Moor Nursery may be able to help. See their facebook page.


Baker George, South Molton - they will deliver groceries. Please text, or ring, 01769 573133.


Care for Birds and Pets - will deliver to Meshaw. Full details on their facebook page, but, essentially, ring them on 07787 515342 between 9 am and 5 pm and place an order for delivery on either Thursday or Saturday.



Boots in South Molton - apparently many people ring the wrong number, the correct tel no is 01769 572576


Collective shopping for Meshaw


In these challenging times, the Meshaw Coronavirus Help Group thought we’d see if we can minimise trips to the supermarkets, try to support our local businesses and help those who are self-isolating.

We are hoping to set up a COLLECTIVE weekly delivery from John May (butcher), Simmons (greengrocer) and the Cheese Larder (cheese, bread, milk etc).


Zara Montagu-Leon, at Lower Kitcott, has offered to pull together a list of what we all need.


Zara will send through a complete list to the shops once a week, for a collective delivery to the village. The shops will let Zara know what they can and can’t supply and what the costs would be, which she will let you know before finalising the order. Once each household has agreed, we can arrange one collective delivery to a central point in Meshaw and from there the volunteers can drop your shopping safely to your door.  Payment options have to be agreed with the individual businesses but we will do our best to make it as simple as possible for everyone whether that is online BACS, card or cash.

Let Zara Montagu-Leon know if you’re interested in being part of this scheme. Telephone 550431.  Please leave a message if Zara is not around.

Stay in and stay well!


Reasons to be cheerful part 1 ...

NDDC recycling information


NDDC have asked householders to separate their glass recycling and put this into a separate container, in the interests of the health of their workers – you will need to use your own container. Thank-you.

Coronavirus advice from the County Council


Advice can be found here. Note particularly the advice about avoiding scammers - if you feel you know somebody who might be vulnerable to this, please talk to them.

Something to look forward to


Amid all the current (March 2020) doom and gloom, here's a little taster for something more cheerful :

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