References to Meushathe


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County: Devon.
Place: Westminster.
Date: One week from St Michael, 5 Richard [II] [6 October 1381].
Parties: John de Hacche, the parson of the church of Southmolton', Thomas de Hacche and Joel de Affeton', the parson of the church of Lustelegh', querents, and John, son of Thomas de Affeton', deforciant.
Property: The manors of Affeton', Meushathe and Briggeruell' and the advowsons of the churches of Affeton' and Meushathe.
Action: Plea of covenant.
Agreement: John, son of Thomas, has acknowledged the manors and advowsons to be the right of Thomas, and has remised and quitclaimed them from himself and his heirs to John de Hacche, Thomas and Joel and the heirs of Thomas for ever.
Warranty: Warranty.
For this: John de Hacche, Thomas and Joel have given him 200 marks of silver.