2021 Parish Meeting accounts


Parishoners have the right to check the accounts of the Parish Meeting. As our turnover is small we qualify for a Certificate of Exemption, which provides a summary of our income and expenditure. It can be found here.


If you wish to, you have the right to examine the accounts in full. See here for details of how to do this.

2021 Parish Meeting minutes


The minutes of the June 2021 Parish Meeting (held in the church) can be found here.

2020 Parish Meeting minutes


The minutes of the November 2020 Parish Meeting (held via Zoom) can be found here.


The minutes of the August 2020 Parish Meeting (held via Zoom) can be found here.

2020 Parish Meeting


The annual parish meeting has been held. In accordance with legal requirements parishioners have the right to examine "the books". See here for full details.


A breakdown of income and expenditure can be found here. An accounting statement is here. Our Certificate of Exemption is here, the Annual Governance Statement here, and the Internal Audit Report here.

2020 Parish Meeting


Details of the annual parish meeting, which will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 19th August at 7 pm, can be found here.

November Parish meeting


An account of the Parish meeting held on 12th November 2019 can be found here. If you have any queries, please contact the Parish Chairman Jeff Souch.

Meshaw Parish Meeting accounts


The accounts for 2019 can now be found here, here, here and here. If you have any queries, please contact the Parish Chairman Jeff Souch.

Meshaw Parish Meeting - exercising your rights


If you would like to see the accounts for Meshaw Parish Meeting, please see this document.

Meshaw Parish Meeting April 2019


All electors in the Parish are invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting to be held


At St. John the Baptist Church, The Square, Meshaw.


On Tuesday 30th April 2019


At 7.30pm.




1. To read, receive and take as a true record the Minutes of the last meeting held on the 27th November 2018. The minutes are here.

2. To receive the report of the Chairman.

3. Review of the Annual Governance Policy.

4. To receive and approve the accounts for the year 2018/19.

5. To elect a Chairman for the forthcoming year 2019/20.

6. To authorise certain expenditure envisaged in the 2019/20 Budget.

7. North Devon Community Fund and Councillor Community Grants.

8. Update on St John the Baptist Community Hub proposal.

9. To receive reports, if any, from local organisations and groups.

10. Ideas for a suitable Parish Event in the year.

11. Any other business. At the Chairman's discretion to hear and consider any other matters. Please let the Parish Clerk or Chairman know by 23rd April any other matters that you wish to raise.




As part of any-other-business we are including a short presentation from a representative from Airband UK, a Rural Broadband provider who are looking to provide Meshaw with a decent broadband service. Typical download speed of 30Mb for £10 per month.


Jeff Souch Chairman

Chairman's Telephone Number 01884 861505 jeffsouch@yahoo.co.uk

Parish Clerk's Telephone Number 01884 860844 sarahvertigan@aol.com



Meshaw Parish Meeting


Meshaw does not have a Parish Council since its electorate is under 150 voters.  It therefore has a Parish Meeting, which consists of a Chairman and a Parish Clerk. In the case of Meshaw, the Parish Chairman is mainly responsible for the churchyard and street lighting, as well as making sure that the highways are in good order, with hedges and verges being cut back.  The roles of Chairman and Clerk are both voluntary and unpaid, although it is permissable for both to reclaim allowable out-of-pocket expenses.  


The Parish Meeting holds two meetings per annum, one in April (end of financial year) and one in November (the AGM, where the budget for the following year is set).  All parishoners are eligible to attend these meetings and to submit items they would like included on the Agenda.  However, it should be noted that only those parishoners who are on the electoral roll are eligible to vote at the meeting. The dates will be announced at least 6 weeks in advance and will be posted on the website and on the Parish Noticeboard in the Square.  Items for the Agenda should be submitted 4 weeks in advance of the next meeting.


The current incumbents are:


Parish Chairman:

   Jeff Souch t: 01884 861505  jeffsouch@yahoo.co.uk


Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer:

    Sarah Vertigan t: 01884 860844  sarahvertigan@aol.com


In addition to the responsibilities already mentioned, Jeff and Sarah have undertaken to improve the cohesion of the village by instigating the birth of a Village/Parish website (ably hosted by the Webmaster: Brendan Shaw).  They are also planning to hold more social events throughout the year with the help of the Social sub-committee... 


The Chairman liaises with the Neighbourhood Watch warden and Snow Warden (see details of these under 'Community Services').


The Parish Clerk is responsible for keeping accurate financial records, making payments, submitting the accounts to be audited and the posting of announcements in a timely manner.


Minutes from the November 2017 Parish Meeting are here.

The agenda for the April 2018 Parish meeting is here.


The map below shows the parish boundaries -