Scarecrow Festival 2018


To celebrate the passage of the Tour of Britain through Meshaw, we decided it would be good to make scarecrows and mount them on bikes. And we did. An excellent turnout of  'crows for what was, I believe, a first attempt. You can see the scarecrows on the Gallery page.


On the Sunday before the race our district councillor Jeremy Yabsley was chauffeured around the village to see all of them and to pick winners and runners-up.





The results (click on the small pics to see a large one) -


Most Original  - 1st Frida the Reader by Mary & Brendan
                2nd The Waldron Family with seated scarecrow
and another, by the slow down sign

Most Amusing - 1st Farmer John by Diana

2nd A well-known face and accomplished dancer
by The Vertigans

Family Prize - 1st Prize The Meikle Family 2nd Prize ET & Elliott The Wilsons