Snow Warden


Jeff Souch is the Head Snow Warden, appointed by Devon Highways.


He is responsible for making sure that we have enough grit when needed.  


There are supplies of grit at the following locations:


1.  1 x bin in the Square

2.  2 x bins on the lane near Parsonage Farm

3.  2 x bins on Southdown Hill (about half-way up)

4.  2 bags on road near Ducks Paddle

5.  Extra bags may be obtained from Bournehead Farm near Gidley Cross


If you find that supplies run low, please let Jeff know and he can order more from Devon Highways. 


If snow does persist in the area, the following checklist may help residents of the village to prepare for the worst:


Make sure you have:

  • a good supply of heating oil
  • a good supply of food
  • a supply of medication
  • snow clearing tools near the house (e.g. shovel, brush)
  • snow clearing materials (grit or salt)
  • torches
  • candles
  • suitable footwear for the conditions
  • shoe grips which can fit over your shoes if it becomes really icy
  • phone number of a neighbour / local friend / or local person who you can call in an emergency
  • make sure your mobile phone is fully-charged at all times in case your landline goes down


If you experience a power cut for some time, you should call the following number: 105 or 0800 6783 105


 N.B.  It should be noted that the supplies of grit are not provided for private driveways, they are to be used for the public walkways and highways only