Tour of Britain 2018 Stage 2 - Cranbrook to Barnstaple, via Meshaw!


Monday 3rd September was Race Day for Meshaw! A goodly number of people turned out to watch, from Gidley Cross right down to the village. We managed to be under the only wet weather of the stage, but at least it stopped just before the riders came through.


The race was policed by, well, the police. And an army of volunteer marshals - the men in orange - who mostly rode motorcycles. One, however, presumably a little wiser to the conditions of the local roads, chose a different means of transport. Unfortunately they took a wrong turn at Gidley Cross and ended up on a local farm ...

Here are some images and videos of the race as it shot through (and shoot it did!) -


A video from the village, courtesy David W. And from a little further up the road, courtesy Mary.


Pictures -