Wildlife Sightings in the Meshaw area


Flora and Fauna


What's been seen in the Meshaw area over the years. I'd add a Plants section and a Moths section, but I suspect the lists would be enormous, and anyway I wouldn't know where to start. But if you'd like to help you know who to contact :)






Recent Sightings -


21/4/19 Fifteen buzzards seen drifting over Meshaw


6/8/18 Small Copper and M/F Common Blues on Birdsfoot Trefoil


2/8/18 Hummingbird Hawk Moth


15/7/18 Clouded Yellow


28/6/18 Tawny Owlets branching


12/6/18 Orchids in full bloom everywhere!


2/5/18 Orange tips on the wing


22/4/18 Swallows to the south of Meshaw


20/4/18 Speckled Woods flitting around


19/4/18 House Martins to the south of Meshaw


1/4/18 Chiffchaff heard to the south of Meshaw


16/3/18 Red Kite at Aller Cross - how soon before they're common over Meshaw?


14/3/18 Two hundred starlings shouting their heads off in a garden. Probably a temporary dispersal from the Kitcott mob.


12/3/18 Rook. The rookery at Kitcott had blown right out in storms. Now 17 new platforms are in progress with rooks bringing in nest material all the time. c. 32 birds up in the rookery today.


11/3/18 Red Deer. 4 stags, 3 or 4 points, seen leaping hedges at dusk. They disappeared into oak woodland.


9/3/18 Starling. c. 2,000 birds performing ''Murmuration'' aerobatics over Southdown/Kitcott area.


3/3/18 Red Kite. One adult seen over Meshaw & at Aller Cross.


Some Winter visitors


Some fieldfares visiting Roger C's garden in late winter 2018. According to Tim :


"These are Fieldfare & are really beautiful birds. They are in the same family as our Blackbird & Song Thrush, they come here in the Winter along with Redwing from NW Europe. Pushed eastwards by the cold weather & looking to eat all the berries in our English hedgerows!"